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I would like to feature a Tira fanmix made by :iconkimlasca: have a look if ya like ;)…
If anyone has any ideas on how to help improve the group fell free let let me us know :)
Happy 2015! It's gonna be a whole new year and a great chance to start over! I hope you all have a wonderful year and good luck with all of your New Years resolutions! Have fun!

I decided to keep this group. Not much may be happening in it but it is still running fine. I think this group is pretty much a standalone one. All is well and not much maintenance has to be done to it. After weeks of thinking about what to do with it, all I can think of is just to spread the word about it to other Tira fans and invite more Tira fans in? But other than that, it seems to be running well on its own. If you know other members here on DA who are Tira fans, feel free to tell them about this group. We would love to have them here with us. Not much more to report here.

Happy Holidays!
I want some feedback on the way this group can improve. :aww: Contests? Features? What do you think?

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